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I Am Thankful For. . .

In writing today students created Thankful Turkeys.  When you read these, they will melt your heart!  I have such kind and caring students in my classroom!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  I am thankful to blessed with such wonderful students to teach!


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The Big Chill Music Concert

The students did an outstanding job tonight at their concert!  I loved their enthusiasm, and you could tell they were having a great time performing, too!

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Wamego Park Timelines

Students practiced creating timelines  during Social Studies community unit. Students read a short paragraph about the history of the park, highlighted and wrote down the important dates and events, and then used the information to create their own timeline regarding the History of the Wamego Park.  They did a great job!

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In writing class students have had the opportunity to research their chosen animal for their animal report they are completing.  Students enjoyed being able to look through their nonfiction text to research facts.  They are did a great job of highlighting their information and recording it onto their graphic organizer.  Students used the graphic organizer to help them write their expository report over their animals basic needs (food/water, protection, and habitat).   Each student in the class has a different animal they are researching to learn about the animals basic needs.

In class today students focused on revising their animal report.  Students first worked independently working on adding or deleting words or sentences to make their report stronger.  They had their Ideas and Organization Rubrics out to evaluate what they need to change.  Then, students were paired up with a classmate to help evaluate their papers strengths and weaknesses.  They then gave feedback on what they felt needed to be changed to create a stronger expository report.

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Students Examine Primary Sources













Date between 1900-1910


Date between 1900-1909

During social studies class last week students had the opportunity to examine two primary sources from the Kansas Historical Society. Students learned that primary resources are raw materials of history; original documents and objects which were created at the time under study (a firsthand account based on direct knowledge). Both of these primary sources students examined were pictures of post cards from between 1900-1910 and from downtown Wamego.  Students each completed a primary source analysis tool over each of the pictures.  Students Observed and wrote down what saw in each of the pictures, then Reflected over each picture, and finally made a list of questions they still had regarding the picture.  The students enjoyed being able to look back at the history of Wamego through these pictures.  Students enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to look closely at each picture.

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Students enjoyed creating circle maps in social studies to show their understanding of the three types of communities; rural, suburban, and urban!  I always love seeing their artistic abilities!

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National Young Readers Week

What is National Young Readers Week?
National Young Readers Week is an annual event that was co-founded in 1989 by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. To make this week special, many schools recruit local “celebrities” to read aloud a favorite children’s book to classrooms.

Why is it important?
Children learn to enjoy reading by example. When they see adults whom they admire and look up to reading, your students will be more likely to read for enjoyment as well. Meeting people from a variety of occupational fields helps to reinforce the fact that reading plays an important role in any career a person chooses.

In honor of National Young Readers Week last week we invited our Dr. Mary Kaye Siebert, our district curriculum director, in to read us The Wall by Eve Bunting. It tied in perfectly to the Veteran’s Day activities last week.101_0849 101_0850


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