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Book Orders Due April 10th

Today I sent home book orders home with your child.  If you are interested in purchasing them they are due on Friday, April 10.  The online website has MANY MANY more items to pick choose from!  If you would like to order any items as gifts, please let me know and we can arrange a deliver time.  You may order online or send a check to school day on that date if you would like to order.

Ordering online is fast and easy:
ENTER the Class Activation Code: H4QYD
CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks
SUBMIT the order to me by the due date at the top of this letter
EARN FREE Books for our classroom too

Mini-Society Interviews a Success!

Students were all dressed up for Mini-Society interviews today.  They were a little nervous, but at the same time excited.  This was a wonderful opportunity for students to gain experience interviewing for a job.  Please remind your child that they all did a wonderful job, and the interviewers had to make VERY tough decisions.

A BIG thank you to the parents who volunteered to help interview!  We truly appreciate you taking time away from your jobs to volunteer!

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Winning Flag and Currency Designs!

The students had some hard decisions to make today for their flag and currency designs for Mini-Society!  All the students put a lot of effort into their designs.


Winning Currency Design!


Winning Flag Design!

Winning Flag Design!

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Mini-Society Interviews and Job Applications

In class today we discussed civil servant jobs that students can interview for in Mini-Society.  Students were given the applications. We also discussed the importance of completing the applications neatly with correct spelling and accuracy.  I would like all students to complete at least two of the applications. Students will need to have their applications completed and returned by Monday, March 30th. Our class will be interviewing on March 31st in the morning.

Below you’ll find the scoring sheet students will be interviewed with, job applications (in case you need to print a new one),  job descriptions, and a short video clip on 12 tips to have a successful interview that students watched and discussed in class.

Interviewer Scoring Sheet

Job Applications

Job Descriptions

Interviewing Tips Video Clip


Last week in math, students started a unit on fractions.  In this unit students use multiple representations and real-world contexts to support their development of the concepts related to fractions. Students start by representing fractions as part of a set with circle pieces, then fraction strips, drawings, and as points on a number line. Tasks focus on fractions that are easily represented with these models to develop number sense and the ability to visualize fractional parts. Students then make connections and translate between these representations to compare, order, and find equivalent fractions.

Last week students had the opportunity to use fraction circles as we explored and discovered fractions. Students learned that fractions depend on the size of the whole. In class we talked about if one student ordered an extra-large pizza and ate a half, then another student ordered a personal pan pizza and ate a half, the halves would not be the same! We have compared equivalent fractions and how to split a unit whole into fractions.

We will continue our work this week with fractions by exploring more with circle pieces, as well as fraction strips!

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Extreme Weather Phenomenon Presentations

The week before spring break, in class students put the final touches on their extreme type of weather research project!  Each member of the group created a panel to be displayed on their board to showcase a different aspect of their weather phenomenon.  Today student groups then reported about their extreme type of weather to the class.  Each group did great and learned so much through their research.

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Mini-Society Flag Designs

The students have picked our Mini-Society name Super Awesome Unikitty Rainbow World. Now it is time to design our flag!  The students may use markers, colored pencils, crayons, and construction paper to design their flags at home.  I provided them each with a piece of white paper to create their flag on.  Below you’ll find some links with different countries and states flags that may help in your child’s design process.  Designs are due Friday, March 27th at school. 

World Flag Examples

Winning Flag Design from 2014

Winning Flag Design from 2014


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