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Third Grade Economics Field Trip

We will be going on an economics field trip on Monday, April 27th. We will be going to Vanderbilt’s, Bank of the Flint Hills, and Community Health Ministries.  Below is the tentative schedule for our field trip.

  • Start walking from West to Downtown – 12:30 – 12:50
  • 1st Rotation: 1:00 – 1:20
  • 2nd Rotation: 1:25 – 1:45
  • 3rd Rotation: 1:50 – 2:10
  • Walk back to School – 2:15 – 2:35


Please remember to have your child dress appropriately for the weather that day.   We will be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your child is wearing athletic shoes (no flip flops or sandals).   A jacket may also be necessary, depending upon the weather.

Mini-Society Business Plans Due April 23rd

Today in class students began completing part one and part two of their business plans.  The majority of the business plan is complete, but students will need to finish the highlighted areas at home with some parental guidance.  If your child has not yet decided what product or service they will provide for market, please look at our Pinterest board to get some ideas.  Business plans are due April 23rd at school.

I also sent home a labor data table to keep track of the hours they spend producing their good at home last week.  It is important to record the times of all individuals who help with this project.  In part three of the business plan, students are asked to record the labor in hours.

Please feel free to go ahead and begin producing the goods at home.  Just remember, students can’t spend more than $7 on items to make their good or service. Please also try to keep the receipts if possible.

2015 Mini-SocietyBusiness Plan Part 1 & 2

Business Plan Parent Letter 2015

labor data table

Track Time

This week during PE students have gone out to the track to run a half mile and complete some sprints.  Here are a few shots from the track!

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Personal Narratives

In writing the past several weeks students have been focusing on the word choice and sentence fluency writing traits. The students then have been applying their knowledge gain to begin writing personal narratives. To introduce students to personal narratives we read the story Foiled Again, which is an example of a personal narrative that takes place in a small frame of time. Teachers then modeled with students the process of completing a graphic organizer, writing the body paragraphs, as well as writing a good introduction and conclusion to go along with their personal narrative.

Following a modeled personal narrative, students then completed a graphic organizer about a topic of their choice.  Once they completed their graphic organizer, they had the opportunity to partner up and practice telling their story while using their graphic organizer.  As they did this, they were allowed to add details/thoughts/feeling of things they may have left out. Tomorrow students will use their graphic organizers to draft their body paragraphs, making sure to include a beginning, middle, and end to their personal narrative.

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Fraction Hex

In our last lesson in our fraction unit students used multiple representations and real-world contexts to support their development of the concepts related to fractions. Students continued to represent fractions as part of a set with circle pieces, then fraction strips, drawings, and as points on a number line. Using these different models help students develop number sense and ability to visualize fractional parts. Students then made connections and translated between these representations to compare, order, and find equivalent fractions.

Then, today in math students used the skills they have been learning about fractions to play the game Fraction Hex.  In this game students used two tokens to travel across a game board by correctly comparing the size of two fractions. This game made the students apply their knowledge of fractions to strategize and try to win the game.


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Track and Tennis

In PE on Wednesday, April 8th and Friday, April 10th our class will be going to the track to run during their PE time (8:45-9:20).  Please have your child wear appropriate shoes and clothes for the outside temperature.


On Wednesday, April 22nd our class will be going to the tennis courts at the Wamego Recreational Center to play tennis during PE.  On this day the students will also need to make sure to wear appropriate shoes and clothes for the weather.


Role Playing – Class Meeting

Today for our class meeting students were divided into six small groups to role play difficult situations that students sometimes encounter.  In their small groups, students had to decide how their group would act out these scenarios to the class.  The students did a great job of coming up with solutions to each of these situations!

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