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Third Grade End of the Year Video

I knew we wouldn’t leave today without a few tears being shed.  I just want to thank you for lending me your child for the year, because when they are in my room I call them “my kids,” too.  We have had a wonderful year together and I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, accepting,  and considerate group of students in my room!  They all have a special place in my heart!



Several weeks ago the students had to think of positive character traits their classmates portrayed.  They have been asking what I was going to do with the lists.  Gracie, my KSU aide, typed the students list into a word document. I  copied the list into a website called Tagul to create word clouds.  The students each brought home their our personal copy today.

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Last Week Fun!

Today we tried to fit in as much as we possible could!  The students ate lunch in the classroom, and please notice they are sitting in rows by age.  The youngest are in the front and the oldest are in the back, because that is old school to them.  After guided reading groups we were suppose to have our pizza party that we won last week from the fundraiser, but the pizza was a little late.  Instead we went out to recess early and combined it with our extra recess that we won from the walkathon.  Then it was time for pizza!  We decided to save the ice cream for tomorrow, because we also had dessert pizza, too!

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day. Even though we are all looking forward to summer, it is going to be hard to say good bye to this wonderful third grade class!  I love their kind and caring nature they show to their classmates and their unique individual personalities.  I love that they would give a round of applause after I read a great book to them, and they encourage their classmates in any situation.  They are all truly special kids!

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Play Day Fun

This morning was a little on the cool side but, that didn’t bother the students!  The sun was out and they were ready to enjoy the beautiful day  with classmates! Thank you to the parents that volunteered to help with groups today!!!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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On Friday afternoon students had an opportunity to spend their profits from Market and the rest of their income from Mini-Society at our auction.  Aaron McKee from Purple Wave volunteered to be our auctioneer.  The students learned first hand about supply and demand and how it effects the price of goods.  A big thank you to all you that sent donations!

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Peppermint Racers – Engineering Design Challenge

This past week in science students have put their engineering and design skills to the test. We proposed a research question of “How could you build a car that would travel the longest distance with only the provided materials?” Students were able to use straws, coffee straws, tape, index cards, craft sticks, and peppermint lifesavers. All students drew out a blueprint and then constructed a prototype based off of their design. After the car was built to the groups liking, they were able to test their racer on the ramp to analyze the effectiveness of their design. We had a lot of discussions about what “failed” in their test trials, student went back to make modifications based on their observations.

Market Day a Success!

The students all did an outstanding job being entrepreneurs today! A  BIG thank you to all the parents for helping your child prepare for Market today, by producing their goods and services at home!  Without your support Market Day would not have been the huge success that it was!    In their discussions and reflection I heard them apply and use the economics principles that we have studied in class this nine weeks. I heard the words supply and demand used a great deal in their discussions on why they decided to raise or lower their prices.  They should take pride in a job well done.

Tomorrow in class, students will figure profits and discuss what made some business more successful than others.  They will also reflect on what they would do differently if they had an opportunity to have another Market Day.

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