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Valentine’s Day Fun

The students had a great time at their Valentine’s Party on Friday!   Thank you to all the parents who donated napkins, drinks, plates, and treats.  A BIG thanks to Erin Steele and Nancy Bosse for being our room parents this year and planning all of our parties!  They did an outstanding job!

Valentine Party Fun

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Photo Booth Fun

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Creative Valentine Boxes

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Introduction to Word Choice

Yesterday students were introduced to our next new writing trait of word choice.  During the introduction of this trait students were read the book Brave Potatoes.  This book is an excellent example of the author using vivid adjectives, action verbs, and lively adverbs.  The book was read to the students by our two Block B Students from K-State, Marissa Perez and Alexis Hullaby.  These two K-State students will be with us throughout the rest of the semester on Wednesdays.  They will be teaching small group lessons and whole class lessons in the area of science and literacy.

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Fairy Tales

Our last unit in  shared reading has focused on all the different types of folktales.  Students learned about the different characteristics of different folktales from myths, fables, fairy tales, legends, and tall tales. As a culminating activity students were all paired with a partner to read a different version of the Cinderella fairy tale and complete a retelling chart on the story. Students read versions from many different countries. We had everywhere from the Chinese Cinderella (Yeh Shen) to the Wild West Cinderella (Cindy Ellen). Students will now use their retelling charts in technology class to create “book trailers” in  iMovie on the iPads.   I’ll post their book trailers once they are completed in technology class.

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Revising and Editing Argumentative Papers

This week we finished the last stages of the writing process before publishing our argumentative papers. Students first worked with partners to revise their papers.  When we revise we think of the acronym ARMS.  Which stands for adding, removing, moving, and substituting the words, sentences, or phrases.  The students also used their organization, ideas, and voice rubric to evaluate the areas where they needed to make their papers stronger. When students edit each other’s papers they become analysis of each others writing. During the editing process students are looking for specific errors to suggest changes that will make their papers stronger. We use the acronym CUPS in editing to keep the students focused on the corrections they should be looking for. Today they wrote their final drafts and preparing for the living museum next Wednesday.

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100th Day of School

Today marked the 100th day of school!  It is crazy how fast the school year is going by!  Enjoy our pictures of 100th day of school.  I used the app Aging Booth to create pictures of how the students may look when they are 100 years old!  They are pretty humorous!

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Book Orders Due February 12th

If you are interested in purchasing books they are due on Friday, February 12.  The online website has MANY MANY more items to pick choose from!  If you would like to order any items as gifts, please let me know and we can arrange a deliver time.  You may order online or send a check to school day on that date if you would like to order.

Ordering online is fast and easy:
ENTER the Class Activation Code: H4QYD
CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks
SUBMIT the order to me by the due date at the top of this letter
EARN FREE Books for our classroom too

Civics Test Friday, February 5th

Friday students brought home an orange study guide for their Civics test next Friday.  The topics of voting and city services are two items that we will be learning about in class at the beginning of the week.   I am also attaching the review game that we will play in class next Thursday for you to use at home also.

Millionaire – Civics

Study Guide for Civics Test


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