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Brain Breaks!

Students need the opportunity to get up and move during the school day to get their wiggles out.  One way we do this is through brain breaks.  This is a time we all get on our feet and do a little dancing, stretching, or cardio workout.  We have been using the website GoNoodle, which the students love! Once we are done with a brain break, the students are d able to focus again on the next learning activity.

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Best Part of Me

Today, students began a writing activity titled The Best Part of Me.  During this activity students chose the best part about themselves to write about.  Students focused on using strong ideas and supporting details, as a part of our six-trait writing focus on ideas!  I also took a picture of what each student picked as their best part.  Students next week will practice their listening and speaking skills by sharing their writing with a peer.  Then, students will share their work with their classmates as part of their speaking and listening grade.

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Finding a Good Fit Book

Today in reading we discussed the importance of finding a good fit book when we pick a book to read.  To help with this concept we compared a good fitting book to a pair of good fitting shoes.   A pair of small shoes do not let our toes stretch out, just like a book that is too easy does not let our mind expand and learn new words, concepts, and ideas.  Sometimes there are shoes that we are we think are going to fit, but they are either just a little too big or a little too small.  This also happens when we pick books that are a little too easy or a little too difficult.  Just like a pair of shoes that are too small or too big are not enjoyable to wear, a book that is too easy or difficult is not enjoyable to read. Students learned they can use the five finger rule to pick a book.  The five finger rule is if you struggle with  five of the words on a given page in a book,  then the book is too difficult for you to read independently.  Next week when they go to the library, the students are going to try to pick some good fit books!

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Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Today we talked about how we could be the change that we wish to see in the world, in order to make a positive impact on someone or even many people!  Students watched this short video for inspiration.   We talked about how this positive impact on the world could happen through a job,  actions, or the way we act toward others.  Students came up with what they wanted to be or do in order to be the change in the world! Here are some pictures of your amazing kids!  Their pictures should be up on the Third Grade hallway bulletin board by parent night next week.

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First Day Third Grade

The first day of school is such a wonderful time of the year!  To capture this moment we took a few pictures for this special occasion this morning!  Just like the students,  I am SO excited to be back to school and have the opportunity to get to know these 21 students!

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Third Grade End of the Year Video

I knew we wouldn’t leave today without a few tears being shed.  I just want to thank you for lending me your child for the year, because when they are in my room I call them “my kids,” too.  We have had a wonderful year together and I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, accepting,  and considerate group of students in my room!  They all have a special place in my heart!



Several weeks ago the students had to think of positive character traits their classmates portrayed.  They have been asking what I was going to do with the lists.  Gracie, my KSU aide, typed the students list into a word document. I  copied the list into a website called Tagul to create word clouds.  The students each brought home their our personal copy today.

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